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What is MITPE?

MITPE is an examination to assess the competency level of IT professionals in Malaysia. The certification programme is of the same standard as the IT examination conducted by JITEC-IPA from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Japan.

Which agency is responsible for MITPE and since when was this exam conducted?

Since 2002, Multimedia Enhancement Technology Operation Sdn Bhd (METEOR) is responsible for the implementation of ITPE in Malaysia. The MITPE examination was first conducted by the MEC in October 2005.


MITPE will add value to the IT knowledge and skills of IT professionals in Malaysia. The workforce will be more competitive and prepared to face challenges in the global market.

Benefits of Professional IT examinations In Malaysia?

  • To encourage students and the workforce to comply with the standards IT skills and world best practices.
  • To ensure graduate students and workforce have the basic knowledge, competency and skills in IT which are internationally recognised and this will give them more opportunities to get employment.

Is MITPE recognised by the IT industry?

Yes. The IT Skill Standard Committee was formed to ensure the IT curriculum and the competency level of IT professionals is of a high standard. The IT committee members comprise MOHE, JPA, 17 public institutions of higher learning, Open University Malaysia, SIRIM, PIKOM, MCMC, MDC, MAMPU and other public sectors. MITPE is also automatically recognised by METI, Japan. Hence, a successful candidate has a better chance of obtaining employment at Japanese firms in Malaysia.

Is MITPE of benefit to the employment sector?

An IT professional who has MITPE certification is recognised as a qualified IT professional.

Who sould attend this programme?

Graduates and working adults/ IT professionals who intend to enhance their skills and IT competencies through MITPE certification.

Who gives to give recognition to the certificate?

Para siswazah dan professional IT yang bekerja dan ingin menambahkan kemahiran serta kompetensi IT.

MEC Staff